Recent Works


I am really excited to announce ‘Florilegium’ my upcoming exhibition at Antler Gallery, Portland, Oregon.

Opening night 28th June.

In this new body of works ‘Florilegium’ ,Thomas gathers inspiration from his everyday scenes and local environment. Gathering plant and animal specimens on his day to day to create an illustrative look into the wonderful wildlife native to his local surrounds.
Adventuring into national and local parks of his Sydney home, Thomas nds beautiful, rare and even dangerous local animals to masterfully house between the eucalypts abundant within these regions.

In Latin a orilegium (plural orilegia) was a compilation of excerpts from other writings. The word is from the Latin os ( ower) and legere (to gather): literally a gathering of owers, or collection of ne extracts from the body of a larger work. It was adapted from the Greek anthologia “anthology”, with the
same etymological meaning.

thomas jackson florilegium Antler gallery Portland

Commune Interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the guys at Commune ahead of painting thier roller door in Newtown.

thomas jackson artwokr illustration moth leopard moth commune


I featured in episode 5 of Mad Love with the amazing Yee brothers.

We talked about everything from Davis Attenborough, burgers and Jurassic Park.


Mad Love Ep. 5: Thomas Jackson from lifewithoutandy on Vimeo.

ABC News Interview

I was recently interviewed by ABC news about street art in the inner west and the perfect match program.

more here.


Black Cockatoo Commission

At the end of last year i was asked to create this Black Cockatoo commission artwork by a good friend.

Water Colour and Gouache on Archers

300 x 450

thomas jackosn artwork cockatoo water colour Gouache

Newtown Festival ‘Home is Where the Heart is’

I was thrilled to create this artwork for the Newtown Festival, and interpreter the theme ‘Home is where the heart is’.

This years theme for Newtown Festival is one that i believe really important to the
currant state of Newtown and the surrounding areas due to Sydney’s lock out laws, the start of westconnex and the recent increase of violence thanks to the current
governments cultural plundering.
Because of this I have decided on a subject matter that i feel speaks to the feelings of all of the local people of Newtown who have been here for years.
The butterfly symbolizes the ongoing beauty and resilience that is the people of
Whilst the pinecone with its small peaces falling away represents the unfortunate loss of culture and safety that has always been Newtown.
Although the ground which the people stand seams to be falling away peace by peace, Newtown (the pinecone) stays strong and will always be there to hold up its people with a safe ‘home’ for them to ‘perch’.

Thomas Jackson Newtown Festival Artwork Illustration Street art Sydney

New York City Rooftop


While i was in New York recently i tried to paint a roof top with my good friend Roachi.

We almost got arrested by police for not having proper permission. This is why its unfinished.

Thomas Jackson Roachi NYC rooftop

Thomas Jackson Roachi NYC rooftop

Portland Mural

I recently was in Portland Organ (USA) for the Unnatural Histories V exhibition at Antler Gallery, where they asked me to create a large scale mural to coincide with the event.

It was a blast and I feel blessed to be involved.

ThomasJackson Antlerpdx Unnatural histories 5

ThomasJackson Antlerpdx Unnatural histories 5

ThomasJackson Antlerpdx Unnatural histories 5

ThomasJackson Antlerpdx Unnatural histories 5


Artwork for the Unnatural Histories 5 at Antler Gallery in Portland.

I’ll be heading over to Portland for the show to hang out and paint a Mural.


Water Colour & Gouache on Archers

360 x 500

Thomas Jackson Antler Gallery Artwork Portland

Male Purple Finch, Perfect Match 2016

I was recently asked to be apart of Perfect Match festival through Inner West council, and jumped at the opportunity.

For this i painted a Male Purple Finch on Dennison st in Camperdown, Sydney.

Special thanks to Taubmans Australia for all your help. This was my first project with Taubmans and their products where fantastic.

Thomas Jackson Perfect Match Finch Bird Mural Street art

Thomas Jackson Perfect Match Finch Bird Mural Street art

Thomas Jackson Perfect Match Finch Bird Mural Street art

Thomas Jackson Perfect Match Finch Bird Mural Street art