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I am really excited to announce ‘Florilegium’ my upcoming exhibition at Antler Gallery, Portland, Oregon.

Opening night 28th June.

In this new body of works ‘Florilegium’ ,Thomas gathers inspiration from his everyday scenes and local environment. Gathering plant and animal specimens on his day to day to create an illustrative look into the wonderful wildlife native to his local surrounds.
Adventuring into national and local parks of his Sydney home, Thomas nds beautiful, rare and even dangerous local animals to masterfully house between the eucalypts abundant within these regions.

In Latin a orilegium (plural orilegia) was a compilation of excerpts from other writings. The word is from the Latin os ( ower) and legere (to gather): literally a gathering of owers, or collection of ne extracts from the body of a larger work. It was adapted from the Greek anthologia “anthology”, with the
same etymological meaning.

thomas jackson florilegium Antler gallery Portland


Artwork for the Unnatural Histories 5 at Antler Gallery in Portland.

I’ll be heading over to Portland for the show to hang out and paint a Mural.


Water Colour & Gouache on Archers

360 x 500

Thomas Jackson Antler Gallery Artwork Portland

First Coat

I have been invited to create an artwork for the upcoming First Coat festival in Toowoomba Along side a lot of really great artists.

Thomas Jackson First Coat Artwork Streetart



I have teamed up with a good friend and talented artist Elliott Routledge aka Numskull to create this one off sculpture for the Higher Ground Group Exhibition at Kinokuniya books.


Hard wood, Acrylic and Taxidermy Sparrow

300(H) x 180(W) x 120(D)

Thomas Jackson Elliott Routledge Sculpture Higher Ground Studio


Higher Ground Studio Group Exhibition

I have been lucky enough to be apart of Higher Ground Studio‘s now for a number of years and share this space with a lot of really talented people.

Every one from the space is getting some works together for a group show at kinokuniya books.

April 13 – May 3

Thomas Jackson Higher Ground Studio

Works on Paper show at China Heights

I have been working on works for this show for a while and am excited to announce its launch date.

It should be a great show with some really talented local and international artists.

At China Heights Gallery on the 11th December 2015.


Thomas Jackson Artwork Illustration Chinaheights

Print Release

I was recently asked to be apart of Ninetyfive Percent group exhibition at District 01.

The show was aimed to raise awareness of ocean worming and coral bleaching.

I made this limited run of Giclee prints with all proceeds going to Under Water Earth foundation

Run of 10, $60 each. Contact NinetyFive percent for purchases.



Pretty Pretty Collective Group Show

I am really excited to be apart of this Group exhibition in L.A. with Pretty Pretty Collective on the 17th of October.


Pretty Pretty Collective Thomas Jackson artwork illustratio

Instalation Video from ‘Entomology’ Exhibition

The installation from my Entomology exhibition was really hard to photograph due to the varied depth of each section. So, the great guys at Paste Studios came up with a great idea to create a video to show many different angles.


Entomology w Music-YouTube sharing from thomas jackson on Vimeo.

Entomology Exhibition

The Entomology Exhibition at China Heights Gallery was a great success.

Thanks You to every one who came and all the people who bought work. If you missed out please check out some of these images.

If you are interested in any artworks and prices, please see the catalogue and contact the gallery.

Thomas Jackson Entomology Artwork Exhibition Illustration

Thomas Jackson Entomology Artwork Illustration

Thomas Jackson Artwork Entomology Illustration

Thomas Jackson Entomology artwork illustration

thomas jackson artwork illustration entomology

thomas jackson artwork illustration entomology

thomas jackson artwork illustration entomology

thomas jackson artwork entomology illustration

thomas jackson artwork illustration entomology