Recent Works


I am really excited to announce ‘Florilegium’ my upcoming exhibition at Antler Gallery, Portland, Oregon.

Opening night 28th June.

In this new body of works ‘Florilegium’ ,Thomas gathers inspiration from his everyday scenes and local environment. Gathering plant and animal specimens on his day to day to create an illustrative look into the wonderful wildlife native to his local surrounds.
Adventuring into national and local parks of his Sydney home, Thomas nds beautiful, rare and even dangerous local animals to masterfully house between the eucalypts abundant within these regions.

In Latin a orilegium (plural orilegia) was a compilation of excerpts from other writings. The word is from the Latin os ( ower) and legere (to gather): literally a gathering of owers, or collection of ne extracts from the body of a larger work. It was adapted from the Greek anthologia “anthology”, with the
same etymological meaning.

thomas jackson florilegium Antler gallery Portland

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