Shipping Terms and Conditions

Shipping Information

Please make sure that you double check your shipping information and address is correct when placing your order. We take no responsibility for incorrect shipping information and shipments being sent to the wrong address.


All parcels are packed with the utmost care in the most affordable way to ensure that customers get the best prices.

Original artworks are framed with glass or perspex and are packed through Pack and Send.

Refunds and Exchanges

All sales are final.

Costs for Shipping

I try to charge the lowest going rate to keep my works affordable for you.

Original works are shipped through Pack and Send and prices for shipping vary depending on size, weight and location.

There is also a ‘Click and Collect’ option on the shipping page. Use this if you live in Sydney and would like to collect the artwork from me directly. 

All prices in AUD (Australian Dollars)

Original Works:

Shipping costs are calculated based on Size, Location and weight. We use Pack and Send for all our shipping of original works and prices vary. We feel this is the best way to ensure that you (the Collector) get the best price and ensure that the artwork is delivered safely.


Within Australia: Shipping Tube, $2.70 + $10 shipping costs. TOTAL: $12.70

International Shipping: Tube, $2.70 + $18 Shipping costs. TOTAL: $20.70


Within Australia: Shipping bag, $2 + $8 shipping costs. TOTAL: $10.00

International Shipping: Bag, $2 + $10 Shipping costs. TOTAL: $12.00

Tee Shirts and Tote Bags:

Within Australia: Shipping Bag, $2.50 + $10 shipping costs. TOTAL: $12.50

International Shipping: Bag, $2.50 + $15 Shipping costs. TOTAL: $17.50